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June Imported Wine: 2011 Love Over Money ‘Evolúció’ Furmint, Tokaj, HUNGARY

Love Over Money is a collection of wines from different areas and countries that were selected by Boutique Wine Collection for their exceptional quality and value. The brand was developed to offer customers a product they know they can trust for its quality and value. Love Over Money is to display the authenticity of a wine, region and varietal, a true reflection of the origin while being uncomplicated. Boutique Wine Collection works closely with each producer, whom have been selected for their high standard and strong track record to offer wines that are representative of where they come from and are value orientated.

Love Over Money is to experiment with wines that often are perceived as alternative or different, while being assured that what is inside the bottle can be trusted.

History of Furmint and its Relation to Love Over Money: At the end of the 19th century, Hungary like all other European wine growing countries, was singularly affected by the Phylloxera epidemic which brought radical changes in the way viticulture was practiced. The abundant grape varieties found in the traditional vineyards, where multiple varieties would grow together and make up the blends of Eger and Tokaj wines, were replaced with single varietal vineyards, reducing grape selections to a few varietals. Blaufränkisch and Bordeaux varieties were planted in red wine growing areas, Furmint, Muscat and Hárslevelű in the Tokaj region therefore reducing the indigenous grape selection. During the Communist period (late 1940s to 1989) quantity was favored over quality and Zweigelt often replaced Kadarka as it is easier to grow and vinify. Prices were set by the state and quantity was key. Over cropping, pasteurization and industrial production dominated until 1989 with the fall of the U.S.S.R. Political change brought new challenges and Hungary had no other option but to turn its exports to the West, meaning that Hungary had to adjust by offering more sophisticated products to new and emerging markets (i.e. Love Over Money). This is how Hungary changed focus, giving most of its attention to quality improvement and innovation, in order to compete and measure up to other West European wine producing countries.

Varietals: 100% Furmint

Alcohol: 12.5% by volume

Tasting Notes: The wine is a pretty light straw color, with aromas of green apple which lead to a crisp, clean, mineral character. The fruit is mouth-filling with an underlying hint of spice and a broad finish with good acidity.

Food Pairings: The rich acidity combined with the fruitiness of this wine makes that it is easy to pair with rich fish based dishes, creamy chicken or even with slightly spicy recipes. Also a great pairing with cheese!

Jim Lutfy’s thoughts: “Rich, vibrant, layers of complex flavor. The wine has great orange peel flavors but is balanced by acidity…almost electric! Awesome mouth feel. A great summertime sipper!”-JL