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October 2018

Cantina Cardeto:On August 30th of 1949, the Wine Cooperative of the Orvieto community in Umbria was founded. It is one of the oldest wine cooperatives of central Italy. The winery, which was born with the articles of incorporation signed by the Farmer’s Association together with 13 wine producers, was initially set up in lower Orvieto and was expanded several times over the years that followed. On August 7th 1971, the DOC of Orvieto white wine was recognized by a decree issued by the president of the Italian Republic. During the same year, the production regulations of this wine were determined; subsequently, they were subject to some modifications. Currently the typologies of the Orvieto DOC include: dry, semi-dry, slightly sweet, sweet, and late harvest. In 2002, “Rosso Orvietano” (“Orvieto Red”) is given its DOCG. These red wines, with particularly excellent organoleptic characteristics, have been produced on the lands surrounding the cliff since medieval times, especially on the properties belonging to the powerful Della Greca family. We dedicated one of our top wines, our “Nero della Greca” to them. It is made from Sangiovese grapes and is aged in French oak barriques for 14 months. This wine is always rated one of the best in international competitions and has won acclaim in journalist Luca Maroni’s annual wine review as being the third best red wine from Italy. Today, Cardeto has 150 members who cultivate 820 hectares of vineyards and provide an average of 80-90 thousand quintals (quintal = 100kgs or 112lbs) of grapes. Cardeto has always followed the objective of reducing the sale of the wine of Orvieto in bulk form, in order to improve the wine’s image and to contribute to the region’s economy.

About:The characteristic landscape of volcanic origins, the impressive cliffs of tuff, the rolling hills, and the intense greenery of the Orvieto countryside are very striking both to the mind and to the eye. It is an uncontaminated panorama where the dense woods convey the feeling of a maternal and generous nature, who every year offers us the gifts of her precious fruits. In this rich and thriving land, man’s efforts have skillfully and patiently cultivated the soil year after year, showing off one of Orvieto’s symbolic talents: wine growing. The vineyards for the Rosso contain Guyot and Spurred Cordon trained vines concentrated at 3,300 vines per hectare and have a predominantly southeastern exposure. The volcanic soils are comprised of Pliocene and Sand with the average age of the vines being 15 years. Yields of 12,000 kilograms per hectare are typically harvested at the end of September, sorted, macerated in stainless steel tanks, and fermented for two weeks at a controlled temperature of twenty-five degrees Celsius; finally, aged two months in bottle.

Varietal:90% Merlot & 10% Sangiovese


Tasting Notes:A deep ruby red color is displayed in the glass, with an intense fruit-forward aroma of sour cherry, blackberry, and black currant on the nose. The flavor is smooth and elegant, with nice balanced tannins and acidity.

Food Pairings:Perfect with red grilled meats, but smooth and elegant enough to not overpower pork or lamb. Great with chili or stews, and pastas with marinara or vodka sauce.

Jim Lutfy’s Thoughts:Purple in color with rich fruit, an elegant mid-palate feel, and a long lingering finish. Best served with tomato sauce based dishes and pastas!